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 Position Desired 
Senior Software & Website Developer
 Achievements (abbreviated) 
 Federal Health Incentive System  Nuclear Fuel Processing Safety System  Vibration Simulation
 Wireless Network Manager  Health Insurance Billing  Tax Data Warehouse
 Wireless Telecommunications  Medical Billing  AAA Membership System
 Inter-computer Real-time Data Transfer  Product Quality Classification  Report Generators
 Complete Vertical Auto Insurance System  Insurance Agency Management  Web Sites
 Chemical Product Quality Reporting  Point-of-Sale (Retail)  Medical Cost Control
 Retail Distribution System  Laboratory Data Reporting  Inventory Control
 Point-of-Sale (Restaurant)  General Ledger  Medical Claims Inquiry
 Homeowner Insurance Rating  Universal Auto Insurance Rating System  Combat Vehicle Simulation
 Languages / Tools / Platforms / Databases 
HTML CSS JavaScript / JQuery HTML DOM
Cross Browser Coding AJAX Dot Net - VB - Script Dot Net - C# - Razor
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Basic PHP ColdFusion
Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle & Oracle Tools PL/SQL & SQL Plus
Oracle RDB Microsoft Access & VB Microsoft Excel & VB Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook & VB Microsoft Word & VB Microsoft XP & Windows 7 Adobe Dreamweaver CS
Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe InDesign CS Pro-C, Pro C++, Pro COBOL C / C++
 Professional Experience (abbreviated) 
(Please note that most of these positions were as temporary consultant.)
Installed Building Products 04/4/2014 - 05/05/2015
• Developed browser independent plug-ins using JavaScript & JQuery to replace Acitve-X controls
• Used Microsoft Office 2013, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Manager, T-SQL, Visual Basic, ASP
• Converted numerous Crystal reports to SSRS
• Used Visual Studio Tools, SSRS report editor, MS Source-Safe
JP Morgan Chase Bank 04/15/2013 - 10/02/2013
• Reformatted, cleaned, repaired free-form data from obsolete system for conversion into relational database with full referential integrity.
• Used Microsoft Excel 2010, MS SQL Server, and Visual Basic
Congregation Ahavas Sholom Synagogue (non-profit) 12/02/2012 — 03/13/2013
• Developed from scratch a web enabled system to process food basket orders and distribution.
• Developed in MS SQL Server, Dot Net, C Sharp, Razor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & AJAX.
• Entire software system my property, so a copy available upon request.
Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret Stores) 07/09/2012 — 10/03/2012
• Consolidated, simplified, and remediated complex set of interlocking legacy applications in Microsoft Access.
• Legacy system had over 150 databases with over 1,000 tables.
• Supported assignment of employees to stores to maximize employee effectiveness.
• Led team of two others on site and performed major part of work as well.
• Worked with end users to guide project.
Discover Financial Services 04/09/2012 — 05/25/2012
• Documentation of legacy system.
• Added Audit Trail to legacy system.
• Coded in Coldfusion, Javascript, CSS, and HTML using MySQL Server as data medium.
Nationwide Insurance 02/16/2012 — 03/11/2012
• Developed and implemented system to assist in scheduling and tracking internal audits.
• Implemented in Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic.
Nationwide Children's Hospital: 07/11/2011 — 12/30/2011
• Developed and implemented system to assist in application for Federal "Meaningful Use" program to obtain grants for usage of electronic medical records.
• Coded in Coldfusion, Javascript, CSS, and HTML using MS SQL Server as data medium.
Breslov Judaic Centre: 11/09/2006 - 06/30/2011
• IT services including network setup, software development, installations, and quality control.
• Coding in VB embedded in Microsoft Office.
• Web site development: HTML, CSS.
H&R Block: 09/10/2008 - 12/31/2008
• Developed and implemented automated test plans using SoapUI, VMS & DCL, and other tools to validate software for 2009 tax season.
DHB Networks-AirWirz: 03/01/2008 - 07/01/2008
• Developed wireless network manager to detect and connect to AirWirz networks wherever available using Dot Net.
• Developed and updated numerous web sites including:
 www.columbussymphony.com   www.promowestlive.com 
 www.thememorialtournament.com   www.muirfieldassociation.com 
Arshot Investment Corporation 10/11/2003-11/04/2006
• Organized and managed corporate data, converting a manual paper system into an electronic database system for a real estate investment trust controlling over two million square feet of prime commercial, industrial, and office space.
• Developed databases and software applications for storing blueprint and lease information for instant retrieval and printing using a Visual Basic embedded application containing Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
Interface Logic Systems 2003-2006 Intermittent, Moonlight,Consultant
• Performed various consultations on Oracle and SQL, developing database reporting systems for electronic controls company specializing in scales for trucks, railroad cars and heavy vehicles.
• Developed Visual Basic embedded Application using Microsoft Excel.
Nationwide Insurance 01/10/2001 - 09/15/2001, Consultant
• Enhanced and documented pension planning system, using Unix shell scripts.
• Introduced new fields into batch programs to permit person to choose both pre-selected and non-selected items in his personal pension plan.
• Environment was Unix using the Korn shell with embedded Oracle.
Central Ohio Technical College: Spring Quarters, 2002 and 2003
• Taught Advanced Visual Basic Programming.
Gates-McDonald (subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance): 01/10/2001-09/15/2001, Consultant
• Loading data and production support.
• Developed program to transfer claims records from Gates-McDonald to insurance carriers in support of reporting and billing operations. Acted as in house Oracle expert.
• Used COBOL on HP 3000/9000 system plus Microsoft Visual Basic on NT system.
• Included Oracle PL/SQL Pro-COBOL and Visual Basic.
• Enhanced and documented pension planning system, using Unix shell scripts.
• Introduced new fields into batch programs to permit person to choose both pre-selected and non-selected items in his personal pension plan.
• Environment was Unix using the Korn shell with embedded Oracle.
Verizon Wireless 07/10/2000 - 10/31/2000, Consultant
• Taught XML class.
• Developed a VAX/VMS Mailbox to TCP/IP Socket buffered two-way relay program which permits a PERL job running on a SUN UNIX system to communicate with a VAX/VMS job transparently so that the SUN UNIX job sees only TCP/IP protocol sockets and the VAX/VMS job sees ordinary VAX/VMS Mailbox messages.
• Used PERL, Visual Basic, C++.  Developed a PERL to VMS + OracleRDB interface which permits a PERL job on a UNIX system to perform any legal SQL command on a VAX + OracleRDB system and receive the results from the  VMS + OracleRDB system.  This permitted various UNIX jobs to access and update Oracle RDB database on VAX/VMS system.
• Used Oracle PL/SQL Pro-C. 
H&R Block  06/30/1999 - 06/23/2000, Consultant
• Developed interface to permit rapid retrieval of tax form information via remote clients. Oracle PL/SQL and Pro-C++.
• Created Oracle Data Warehouse for all income tax filings performed by H&R Block which ran on Windows NT.
• Desigend and developed Data Warehouse to load Online Files.
• Developed real-time Oracle-based system which permits management to access all income tax data and control information instantly from the Data Warehouse while returns are being processed and filed with the IRS and the States.
• Handled all 15 million federal and 9.5 million state returns that were filed by H&R Block for Tax Year 1999.
• Also used Microsoft Visual Basic on NT system for data preparation and formatting.
• Used Oracle PL/SQL Pro-C++, Visual Basic, C++.
Gates-McDonald (subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance) 01/25/1996 - 01/09/2000, Consultant
• Was principal designer and developer for the CASCADE Workers' Compensation Data Warehouse System in Oracle.
• Developed programs to update the Data Warehouse from the Online Files.  The CASCADE Data Warehouse System permits both Gates-McDonald employees as well as clients to perform online queries on their claims while maintaining security between clients. This system handled all workers' compensation claims and payments for many very large clients including AT&T, General Motors, American Red Cross, Southwest Airlines and many others.
• Acted as in house Oracle expert to answer questions and assist programmers and others with Oracle problems.
• Developed reports using Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms, Oracle PL/SQL. Also used Microsoft Visual Basic on NT system for data formatting and sorting. 
• Embedded applications on Microsoft Word, Excel, Access. Performed numerous other duties including, but not limited to, ongoing production support, EDI transmission, Oracle/DB2 interface, patching and updating legacy code.
Lockheed-Martin 04/01/1994 - 01/21/1996, Consultant
• System Architect and Project Lead on a safety system for the gaseous diffusion uranium separation plants at Portsmouth, Ohio and Paducah, Kentucky.
• System was designed to query rapidly 10,000 sensors repeatedly, at least once every five seconds, testing for temperature, closure condition, and uranium hexafluoride leaks.
• It compares the actual readings to sensors, adjusting for changes in operating conditions such as temperature and humidity, and then determines whether the readings were out of tolerances.  If so, an alarm is instantly transferred to the safety officer, who then initiates emergency procedures.
• System operates in real-time with 15 computers tied to a Master Computer via a T1 connection. Written in C++ using CODEBASE database package and OS/2 system internals.
• Master Computer includes continuously updated massive historical Data Warehouse for instant access to engineering data on a 24 * 7 basis without slowing down essential functions.
• Used regression and approximation theory along with adaptive control theory to achieve stable and accurate discrimination between valid and false alarms.
• C++, CODEBASE, FoxPro, Embedded Word application using Visual Basic.
Safe Auto Insurance  09/01/1994 - 10/30/1995, Consultant
• Designed, developed and implemented a complete and fully integrated system for a vertically aligned insurance company.
• System included all phases of the process: computing quotes, printing applications, receiving applications, policy creation, policy endorsement, policy cancellation, policy reinstatement and claims management.
• Written in FoxPro. Used elementary combinatorial methods to rate policies properly.
Borden 04/1994 - 12/1995, Consultant
• As a consultant, assisted with modifications and enhancements to a wide variety of programs utilizing VAX BASIC under the VMS operating system.
CompuServe 01/1993 - 03/1994, Consultant
• Assisted with maintenance and modification of various programs for the MIS group, including a sales commission system.
• Work was primarily done in FORTRAN on the DEC TOPS-10 operating system, along with other proprietary tools.
Victoria's Secret Stores  02/1993 - 06/1993, Consultant
• As a consultant, performed programming tasks and assisted other team members with detail programming questions.
• Also created a project review report on the project and methodology being used. • Used COBOL on VAX/VMS operating system.
E.I. Dupont of Nemours Chemical 12/05/1986 - 12/31/1990, Consultant
• As a consultant, corrected problems and added enhancements to systems for TEFLON production quality control.
• Designed, developed and implemented a large database retrieval system which is now in use at six Dupont factories around the country.
• This system permits instant generation of complex reports and graphics using product quality data entered by laboratories and engineers.
• Developed on VAX/VMS system using ALL-IN-1, FORTRAN, DCL, Oracle-RDB, and FMS.
• Used statistical methods to validate process control and laboratory results.
CoMed Management 04/01/1986 - 09/01/1986, Consultant
• As a consultant designed, developed and implemented an insurance health cost control system on the VAX/VMS in VMS MACRO assembly language and VAX BASIC, with the system programming done in DCL.
• Designed, developed and implemented a complete, multi-function claims inquiry system in COBOL on VAX/VMS.
• This used combinatorics in order to determine correctly proper treatment and to reject improper treatments.
 Education And Training 
• PhD, Mathematics and Computer Science, Ohio State University 08/1974 (4.0 GPA)
• MSc, Mathematics and Computer Science, Ohio State University 12/1969 (4.0 GPA)
• BSc, Mathematics, Ohio State University 06/1968 (3.4 GPA)
• Perfect score of 950 out of 950 in GRE Mathematics test.
• "Alternative Energy Resources"
Energy International; March 1975
• "Sea Thermal Power"
Advances in Energy Systems and Technology, vol 2
Academic Press

• "Sea Thermal Power"
Energy, Present and Future Options, vol 1
John Wiley and Sons 

Name Position Organization Telephone Email
Sean Owen Project Manager Installed Building Products 614 256-8427 spyramid@gmail.com
Jill Lora Project Manager Nationwide Children's Hospital 614 355-4376 jill.lora@nationwidechildrens.net
Ryan Krass Project Manager DHB Networks, Ltd 614 406-4325 rkrass@gmail.com
Steve Lenker Director of Operations DHB Networks, Ltd 614 792-7887 slenker@noreign.com
William Goldberg Director Breslov Judaic Centre 614 231-8671 breslov@sbcglobal.net
Tom Schottenstein Co-owner Arshot Investment Corporation 614 463-9730 goodschot@gmail.com
Courtland Bishop Vice President Applied Performance Technologies 614 847-9600 Courtland@appliedperformance.com
James Ebright Security Engineer Verizon Wireless 614 561-8922 james.ebright@verizonwireless.com
M Hassan Farzin President Energy & Environmental Services 614 487-0300 HFarzin@ees-corp.com
Fred Kapetansky Professor of Surgery Ohio State University Medical School 614 221-4049 FMKapetansky@aol.com
 Letters of Recommendation 

 Additional Recommendations 
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-f-mayer/0/964/ba5

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Further recommendations from LinkedIn:
Software Developer-Consultant Nationwide Childrens Hospital
Jill Lora, RHIA, Sr. Project Manager for Meaningful Use, Nationwide Childrens Hospital “I worked with David for 2-3 months on a project at Nationwide Children's Hospital. David had a very keen sense for understanding the business need and translating that into a working solution for us. David was extremely consientious, responsive and hard working. His math/analytical skill were very impressive on our project. We appreciated having David on our team.” January 23, 2012
Andrew Brennan, Assistant Counsel, Special Projects Manager, Nationwide Childrens Hospital “David has been an extraordinary asset to our project. No matter what complicated feature we asked him to produce, he always said, “Sure, I know how to do that.” --And he always did it in a few days, and did it right. His experience and expertise meant that our huge project was well within his capabilities to handle with finesse. By the end of the project, I stopped sitting at my desk struggling to figure out a complicated software problem—with his intelligence and logical mind, I knew he could figure it out in a fraction of the time I could. That left me free to get more work done. He anticipated and fixed problems before they had a chance to happen; his suggestions and recommendations were strategic and spot on (trust me—you need to listen when he says something is important!); and his designs are efficient, impressively bug-free, and easy to understand. I will continue to think of him first when we need a software developer.” January 3, 2012
worked directly with David F at Nationwide Childrens Hospital
Rachel Sawyer (client): Rachel hired David F Mayer as a IT Consultant in 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“David F Mayer possesses every quality one could ask for in an employee: He is knowledgeable and thorough, personable, trustworthy and hardworking.” January 6, 2011
Gershon Pick: CEO, CGP Software Ltd (business partner)
“David has demonstrated breadth and depth in solving business and technical problems. David has proven to me that he is an entrepreneur, by the fact that he related to me about a storage-efficient and economical disk which he invented during the 90's. David asked me about venture capital which may be available for investment in his enterprise. The following episode describes David's wisdom. When I told David about volunteer work which I was considering to take upon myself, David responded "bear in mind, when a system is overloaded, it can break down". David wisely showed me how fragility of a human system can be learnt from that of a computer system.” January 6, 2011
Bob Beatty, PMP, EA: , QA Analyst, Master Tax Advisor, HR Block (colleague)
“I worked with David and found him extremely helpful and knowledgeable about software. He knew the insides of operating systems quite well, and was helpful to me as well as others in developing our various software progams.” January 19, 2011
Ryan Krass (client): Ryan hired David F Mayer as a IT Consultant in 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Dave is without a doubt the best developer I know. He is able to think outside the box and create solutions that other team members couldn't. If I ever have the chance to hire Dave again I will.” January 10, 2011
Jim Ebright: IHTFP Senior Member of Technical Staff, CellCo Partnership dba VerizonWireless (colleague) managed David F Mayer indirectly
“David is one of the most intelligent and insightful people you will ever meet in IT. He was quick to realize solutions to problems and produced systems that were a marvel to work with. I would love to work with David again in almost any capacity. Good people are fun to be around!” January 27, 2011
Alex Dvorkin: Applications Developer, William M. Mercer (MMC) (colleague) worked directly with David F Mayer
“I worked with David Mayer at Marsh McClennan Companies. David showed extreme technical competence along with very professional conduct. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs software developed.” January 26, 2011
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